Therapy for Anxiety, Self-Esteem,

Relationships, and Childhood Trauma

Campbell, CA and Online

Throughout California

Image by Thomas Despeyroux

Are you feeling...

Held back by your inner critic or perfectionism?

Unfulfilled in your relationships?

Pulled to please others or prove your worthiness?

Blocked from expressing your authentic self or pursuing your goals?

I'm here to be your ally

as you access your innate ability to feel confident, calm, and

connected with yourself and others.


Hello and welcome!

At times we may find ourselves feeling stuck in responses, behaviors, or beliefs that are no longer serving us. This experience is an opportunity to better understand yourself, heal unresolved pain, and take steps towards a more fulfilling life.

I often work with creatives and helpers who want to make sense of the past, build healthier relationships with themselves and others, and experience more clarity, balance, and groundedness. Many of those I support wisely learned from their past to attune to those around them, but in the process lost connection to their own boundaries, self-worth, and ability to be present.

I offer a warm and accepting place for you to get curious about your emotional and relational experiences, and generate awareness and self-compassion in doing so. I can help you make space for difficult feelings and understand the intention behind your behaviors so that you can experience more freedom in your responses and reconnect with your inherent worthiness.


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