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Katie Virga, Marriage & Family Therapist Associate

Psychotherapy for Adults in Campbell, California

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At times we may find ourselves feeling stuck in behaviors or beliefs that limit our ability to feel confident, calm, or connected with ourselves and others. While this experience of stuckness is challenging, it is also an opportunity to better understand yourself, heal unresolved pain, and take steps towards a more fulfilling life.


I often work with adults who have wisely learned to focus on the needs, feelings, and approval of others, but in the process may have lost connection to their own boundaries, identity, and self-worth. Those who want support recognizing their inherent value for who they are, not what they accomplish or have to offer

others, so that they can engage with the world with a sense of

wholeness, balance, and authenticity.

I offer a warm and accepting place for others to get curious about their emotional and relational experiences. By making space for difficult feelings and getting in touch with the intention behind your behaviors, you can experience more freedom in your responses. It is an honor to help others cultivate awareness and self-compassion, as well as experience more secure, enriching relationships.

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155 E. Campbell Ave. Suite 107

Campbell, CA 95008


Katherine Virga, AMFT #113323

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Alexis Donato, LMFT #44732

155 E. Campbell Ave., Suite 107

Campbell, CA 95008


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