Therapy for Anxiety
in Los Gatos, California


Anxiety is crucial for our survival as humans. It's there to help us anticipate potential danger and respond in ways that will keep us safe. However, sometimes we struggle to accurately evaluate how likely or threatening a situation truly is, and we underestimate our ability to handle whatever it is we're fearing. When this is the case, anxiety can get in our way.

Signs you may be struggling with anxiety:


Sleep issues or muscle tension

Difficulty staying still and relaxing

Frequently feeling nervous or worried

Indecisiveness or trouble concentrating


Therapy for Anxiety
in Los Gatos, California

Improve your relationship to your anxiety

You don't have to get rid of, control, or avoid your anxiety in order to feel better. The key to anxiety relief is shifting how you respond to its presence. I can support you in getting out of a power struggle with your anxiety, understand why it's coming up for you, and take a stance of acceptance, curiosity, and compassion towards it. When you allow your anxiety, it no longer consumes you. You can recognize it as a feeling within you, rather than feel taken over by it. You can feel free to approach new or challenging situations with a sense of openness, and trust that you can cope with your anxiety if it comes up.

Skills I can offer you:
Increase self-care
Practice relaxation skills
Identify your anxiety triggers
Develop compassionate self-talk
Address procrastination and avoidance
Become more mindful of your thoughts
Create more structure and balance in your life
Understand the purpose of your anxiety symptoms


"What you resist, persists. What you embrace dissolves." ~ Carl Jung


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