Therapy for Childhood Trauma

Our childhood experiences set the foundation for our view of ourselves, emotions, relationships, and the world at large.

If your needs as a child were not met consistently enough (such as protection, stability, warmth, and acceptance), you may have developed strategies to cope with your circumstances at the time, but now no longer serve you in your adulthood.

To adapt to your childhood experiences, you may have learned behaviors and beliefs such as:​
  • Being on high alert for potential signals of abandonment, rejection, conflict, or danger
  • Doubting and seeking reassurance of your loved ones' care and commitment
  • Denying, disconnecting from, or fearing your feelings and needs
  • Feeling more comfortable caring for others than yourself
  • Avoiding vulnerability, intimacy, and relying on others
  • Seeking control of others and your environment
  • Questioning your intuition and decisions
  • Believing you are unworthy, "too much," or not good enough
While these responses may now cause suffering, they make sense, and reflect your resilience and wisdom.
Make Peace With Your Past
I can support you in making meaning of your experiences and the coping strategies that you learned in response to your experiences. You can extend compassion and gratitude towards these strategies, while also feeling free to try more effective ways of responding. Through trying new ways of engaging with yourself and others, these positive experiences can help you internalize more adaptive beliefs.
In therapy, you'll learn to:​
  • Cope with feelings of shame or guilt
  • Become more aware of your feelings, needs, boundaries, and preferences
  • Examine intergenerational patterns and roles
  • Learn about your nervous system and how it relates to your behaviors and perceptions
  • Tolerate distress and regulate your emotions
  • Practice mindfulness, relaxation, and grounding skills
  • Be compassionate towards yourself
  • Separate from unhelpful beliefs and expectations
  • Process grief
  • Act as a parent towards yourself
  • Shift your relationship to your Inner Critic
If this resonates with you, I welcome you to call or email me to discuss the possibility of us working together.

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