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Therapy for Childhood Trauma
in Los Gatos, California

Our childhood experiences set the foundation for our view of ourselves, emotions, relationships, and the world at large.

If your needs were not met consistently enough as a child (such as the needs for protection, acceptance, or sense of belonging), you may have developed strategies that helped you cope with your circumstances then, but now may no longer serve you.

To adapt to your childhood experiences, you may have learned to:

Avoid vulnerability and intimacy

Suppress your feelings and needs

Focus on pleasing or taking care of others

Seek control of others and your environment

Believe you are unworthy, "too much," or not good enough

Be alert to potential signals of abandonment, rejection, or conflict

While these responses may now be distressing, they make sense, and reflect your resilience and wisdom.

Make peace with your past

I can support you in making meaning of your experiences and the strategies that you developed to cope with your experiences. You can extend compassion, curiosity, and gratitude towards these strategies so that you no longer feel stuck in them or overwhelmed by them. Through trying new ways of engaging with yourself and others, these positive experiences can help you internalize more adaptive beliefs and flexibility in your responses.

Tools I can offer you:​

Cultivate self-compassion

Act as a parent towards yourself

Learn about your nervous system

Cope with feelings of shame or guilt

Shift your relationship to your Inner Critic

Examine intergenerational patterns and roles

Separate from unhelpful beliefs and expectations

Practice mindfulness, relaxation, and grounding skills

Build your ability to tolerate distress and regulate your emotions

Become more aware of your feelings, needs, boundaries, and preferences

"We determine who we are through the eyes of those we love." ~ John Bowlby


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