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Therapy for Relationship Issues
in Los Gatos, California

Our relationships serve as mirrors.

Relationships provide us with the opportunity to see ourselves more fully. Our relational experiences reflect back to us our internalized beliefs, unresolved wounds, and defensive strategies. They show us how comfortable we are with emotional closeness and distance, how we relate to our emotions, and how we have learned to get our needs met.

I'm here to help you better understand and care for the parts of yourself that become activated in your relationships and move closer to fulfilling, healthy ways of relating.

Tools I can offer you:

Improve communication and boundaries

Learn to respond effectively to relational triggers

Identify and shift your role in unhelpful cycles of conflict

Recognize healthy versus unhealthy relationship dynamics

Make sense of your expectations, perceptions, and responses in relationships

Examine the role of your upbringing, cultural background, and past relationships

"Distressed partners may use different words but they are always asking the same basic questions, 'Are you there for me? Do I matter to you? Will you come when I need you, when I call?'...The drama of love is all about this hunger for safe emotional connection, a survival imperative we experience from the cradle to the grave. Loving connection is the only safety nature ever offers us.” ~ Sue Johnson


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